Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Reading Activity - Infographic about Mercury

Sajiha, Juanita and Harry worked together to find out about the planet Mercury and create this infographic.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Space Word Cloud by Room 5

Room 5 have been learning how to use a new tool (tagul) to make word clouds. Here is a word cloud about space that we made together.

Reading Activity - infographic about The Sun

Nazella, Mishaan, Javeylor and Oh Hsen worked together to learn about the sun and create this infographic.

Reading Activity - infographic about Jupiter

Gozan, Mya and Jessie-Lee worked together to find out about the planet Jupiter and create this infographic.

Space Vocabulary

As part of starting our solar system inquiry, each student in Room 5 had a word related to space to find out about. They had to find out what the word means and write a definition that kids can understand. Do you know anymore interesting words related to space and the solar system? Remember to tell us what the word means so we can increase our vocabulary knowledge.


Monday, 20 October 2014

Maths - Problem Solving

This week we have been working on solving word problems in maths.  First, we worked in our thinking group to solve some problems.  Then, we chose a problem and created a google drawing showing how we solved it step by step.  Here are some examples of our learning.

by Harry

by Jasmine

by Inotia

New topic - our expanding solar system

This term we are learning about the solar system.  To get started, each student in Room 5 answered some questions about space to find out what we already knew or thought about space.  Next, we worked in groups to summarise all the answers to one of the questions.  Then we found out what experts think the answer to that question is and summarised those ideas on another slide.  Check out our slideshow to find out our pre-views about space.  What do you know about space?